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of search and rescue teams. so far from australia, new zealand, south korea, and the united states. the u.s. has also sent navy ships to japan to help out with the relief. it's also helping with what president obama calls "lift capacity." heavy lifting equipment. the u.s. also sent supplies to help cool those nuclear reactors there. poland is offering to send firefighters. president medvedev of russia says his country has offered rescuers and sniffer dogs and "all possible aid." thailand is offering about $165,000 in aid. it says it will consider offering more when the extent of the damage is known. and the international red cross say they've mobilized 11 teams to the heavily damaged areas. they have tents and relief supplies ready to pass on to local red cross teams. >>> and the u.s. is sending military ships loaded with supplies and search and rescue teams to help japan, as well. let's get more on the u.s. response. elise, as i understand it, japan is leading the efforts and setting the priorities. is that what you're being told, as well? >> that's right, randi. the japanese government ha
. a u.s. crew, we saw the japanese military search and rescue. we saw smaller helicopters that could have been aid but it's hard to tell. there was a lot of activity in the air. we saw military trucks as well taking what seemed to be aid to different areas. what we did see, further off the port area was a huge plume of black smoke. it appears there's a chemical on fire at some kind of factory. that was giving off a lot of black smoke. that didn't seem to be under control by the time we left after the third tsunami warning. >> thank you, paula. >>> much of the sound is evident in the surveillance video. take a look at these. this video is amazing to see as the tsunami washes over homes and buildings carrying debris well inland. evidence of the power behind the waves. more evidence of the tsunami washing over japan. hard to imagine anyone being able to survive such a force of nature. >>> was there a moment or a thing that triggered the tsunami? reynolds wolf is standing by with the science behind it. >> we are going take you step-by-step in how they occur and what might be ahead for th
in tripoli. a u.s. official tells cnn the protesters are well armed and could carry on the fight for some time. that means tanks and antiaircraft guns. >> what war? what war? then we will die. >> everybody using guns before the people. anybody makes a small move, they kill them. >> the heavy fighting caused them to flee for the border. it's causing a humanitarian crisis. many are in tent cities in the tunisian border. police arrived yesterday to try to help the situation. let's get back to tripoli. it's the stronghold and the scene for the fiercest battles we have seen. cnn international correspondent knick robertson joins me. good morning to you. you spoke with gadhafi's son late last night. does he think his father still has control of the country? >> reporter: he thinks his father has control and is going to hold on. the objective is for the army to take complete control before they get into any political reforms and steps to meet the demands of the armed opposition. what's happening 40 miles from here he said is hugely important. it's important because it's going to stronghold rebels
to take control of the sky over libya. possibly changing the role for u.s. troops in that region, and president obama is preparing his remarks on the situation there. >>> and running for cover in the middle east. protesters in syria met with a hail of gunfire. is that the next domino to fall? from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn "saturday morning." thank you for spending part of your weekend with us. we do want to start in japan right now where there is growing concerns over radiation levels in the ocean near that damaged nuclear plant, but there is some positive news as well from the fukushima plant. radiation levels in the air seem to be decreasing. cnn's paula hancocks live in tokyo. paula, hello. sounds like good news/bad news. let's start with the bad news. >> reporter: that's right, t.j. well, this is the water in the sea just off the coast of the fukushima nuclear plant. according to japan's nuclear safety agency, the levels of radioactive iodine are more than 1,200 levels than they should be. a cause for alarm. we're hearing from the agency it's only
the situation in libya still a very serious one and military intervention from the u.s. and other countries could be triggered soon. meanwhile, the president promised american help in a no-fly zone. he did that before heading out for a tour of brazil. the president has been tracking the nuclear crisis in japan. we are tracking it as well. crews are drilling holes in several reactors to release pressure. now, abnormal radiation is detected in food near the plant. hello to you. this is "cnn saturday morning." good to be back with you. united nations call for a cease-fire not close to being observed now. massive explosions. moammar gadhafi forces are firing on that city. benghazi, you have been hearing that name for several weeks. it's the heart of the ob ration. we are in benghazi with government forces. >> caller: it seems as if gadhafi's forces began air assault over benghazi in the early morning hours here. they say it was fierce. at 8:45, we saw a plane overhead appearing to be heading south. around 9:10, one of our team witnessed a jet, a fighter jet, fall out of the sky in flames. we ha
's earthquake. >>> also, some sad news to pass along this morning. funeral arrangements being made for former u.s. secretary of state warren christopher. he died overnight after a lengthy battle against cancer. he was 85 years old. >>> well, as you know, there are so many survivors in need in japan right now. we're going to be talking about the emotional toll this epic disaster is having on the japanese people. and how being prepared can save you and your family from disaster. >>> also, a gm plant here in the u.s. feeling the crisis in japan. why the plant has closed it doors for now. 12 minutes past the hour on this cnn saturday morning. push your onstar button and you could be one of them. even if you're not an onstar customer. ♪ just push your blue button and tell the advisor you want to enter the onstar push on sweepstakes. ♪ but do it soon. no purchase necessary. see rules at to enter without a blue onstar button. until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her colon
of the no-fly zone, but the u.s. still will play an important role as a nato member nation. still unclear exactly what the u.s. role will be, and the extent of it. still you will expect to see american planes flying over libya. kmapd >> we expect nato will take over the no-fly zone this weekend and then the next piece, the third and final piece is the mission to protect civilians. nato, it is my understanding nato has agreed to that in principle and will this weekend decide on the procedures and the timing of accepting that mission. but i think that will probably occur in the very near future. >> so you heard there maybe this weekend nato could be taking over, but still a lot needs to be decided. in the meanwhile, opposition forces are battling government troops for control of ajdabiya, a strategically located city in libya you see there on the map. rebels say they've now taken control of that city. refugees have moved into makeshift camps outside of the city. coalition planes have taken out some of the tanks being used by gadhafi's forces in those battles. libya claims the coalition airs
saif. is there any indication from him that his father plans to step down at any point as the u.s. government is telling him to do so? >> reporter: i asked him exactly that. i said president obama has said your father lost the confidence of the people and he needs to step down. and he says the country needs him. he said, you know, if he was to go now and the government was to collapse, then the country would just turn into something like somalia. he's indicating moammar gadhafi is not going to step down. and the government is going to continue with its fight, he said. going to get to any reform, political agenda, meet the demand until the government's taken full control of the country, randi. >> and what about this strategic battle he talked about for the oil refineries? where does that stand? and what did he tell you about that? >> reporter: he said heir goith push to continue. the battle west of tripoli right now in zawiya and the battle in the east around brega, that area. he said these are battles that the government can easily win and they will win them. and contrary to what
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8